Brands Program

History of Brands in Kansas

Brands are markings used to identify livestock. Animal brands have been a visual means of identification throughout history. Starting from the time of the open range to the present, branding has assisted in showing ownership of livestock throughout Kansas.

The original open-fire method was practical in the beginning, followed by the electric iron and then advancing to the freeze-branding method. In Kansas, both the hot and freeze brand methods are recognized. Through registration of a livestock brand in the brands program, this means of identity continues to play a special part in the livestock industry and its history.

Currently, the Brands Program maintains a brand registry of more than 17,000 brands and assists with the market brand inspection program, which is performed by contract. A special investigator assists local law enforcement with lost, stray and stolen livestock, coordinating investigations between agencies and victims.

Brand Applications and Renewals

Applications for new brands or brand renewal can be submitted online or through postal mail.


Fee is $45.00 per location. To apply, visit Kelly Solutions by clicking here
Brands may be renewed and information updated through the online option. 

Postal Mail:

Fee is $50.00 per location. Click here for a new livestock brand application.

When mailing in applications, fees can be paid via check or credit card. If you wish to pay via credit card, click here for the agency's credit card form. Please return the form and payment to the Kansas Division of Animal Health Brands Office.

Brand Search

Search for registered Kansas brands here.

You may search for brands by brand code characters (letters, symbols and/or numbers), location on the animal, or by the owner/company/county to which the brand is registered.

If you don't find a brand you are searching for in the database, it may be coded differently. For example, if you are searching for a "lazy M", try also searching for a "W"; for an upsidedown "7", try searching "L".

Visit our New Application website here to build and submit a new brand image for approval, or contact the Brand Program at (785) 564-6609.

Historic Brand Applications

The original, paper brand applications dating back to 1939 are now being stored digitally. Rather than throw away these historic documents, the Brands Program is making them available on a first-come-first-serve basis to descendants of the original brand owners. These applications are an important piece of history, not only for Kansas, but also for the family legacies touched by brands.

To request a historic brand original application, please fill out, to the best of your knowledge, the Historic Kansas Brand Application Request Form, found here.

Email the completed form to, or FAX to (785) 564-6778, or mail to Kansas Department of Agriculture Brands Program, 1320 Research Park Dr, Manhattan KS 66502.

Kansas Brand Book Orders

2008 Brand Book - $20

Order form available here

Brand Inspection

While brand inspection is not mandatory in Kansas, the state has six contract brand inspectors who provide brand inspection upon request for a fee. In addition, inspectors serve six Kansas livestock markets that have chosen to contract with the department for inspection services. Contact our office for more information about brand inspection services.